Our Web Site Has Changed! Did you notice?
Please see the sections below on how to use the new features

General Structure changes
  1. The old site didn't work well on screen sizes smaller than 1024x768 resolutions. The new site structure should work much better, but you won't have access to all the new features. To accomplish this the site has a slightly different look and feel, but in most cases the changes are fairly intuitive. (At least we hope!).
  2. There is now a little slide show of sponsor logos on all of our pages. A little advertising is the least we can do for their support of our club.
  3. The upper left logo is now also a link to the Ohio State Alumni Association site.
  4. If your browser is wide enough an extra right-side bar with extended features will appear. If your screen resolution is less than 1024x768 you probably won't ever see these. If your screen resolution is 1024x768 you will need to maximize your browser size by double-clicking the browser window's title line or by clicking on the middle button of the three in the upper right corner of the browser window.
New Features 101 - basic
We have added some basic, new features to provide an easier browsing experience for our users.
  1. Navigation Menu
    There are changes to the navigation menu on the right side of each page. Some have gone away, some are new and some have been repositioned. You will also notice they are smaller (so we can fit more in as we add them). They operate in the same way you are used to though.
  2. Tabs
    Many of the pages now have tabs just under the banner image. These allow you to access topic related information in small bites rather than one big gulp. The tabs on the home page allow you to get quick information on sports schedules, club news, and the upcoming event. Going to this "tab" approach also allows us to organize our pages in a more easily maintainable manner. The tabs operate just like the navigation menu but are horizontally positioned and use different colors to distinguish them from the navigation menu.
  3. Settings Memory
    Several pages now remember the way you last viewed them. This depends on setting cookies in your browser. These cookies persist for 30 days since the last time you viewed each page. No personal data is stored! If you delete your cookies or if it's been more than 30 days since you last viewed on of these pages they will revert to the default settings.
  4. Pop-up Windows
    The new site structure also reduces the number of new browser windows created to view information on the site. When this part of the restructuring is finished it is hope that only links that take the user away from our site will open separate browser windows.
New Features 201 - Changes to old pages
  1. Home Page
    The home page now has several tabs that let you get information at a glance. These are:
    • Welcome Tab
      This tab is really just the old home page. It gives the user some quick information about the area and our club. There is now more on the "About Us" page.
    • Board Meetings Tab
      This tab will show you the club board meeting schedule for the year.
    • Sports Schedules
      This tab remembers the last sport schedule viewed. It automatically pulls it's data from another site so updates may not happen as soon as we'd wish.
    • Club News Headlines
      This tab shows the last five or so club news headlines. Just the headlines. If you want to read the entry you will need to go to the News page.
    The Upcoming Event is now shown at the bottom of the Home Page
  2. News Page
    In a continuation of changes to our News and Event Calendar pages, a "reverse list" feature has been added so that users viewing the news list can control if the entries are shown from earliest date to latest or the reverse. This setting is remembered year by year and also applies to the list order in the list view on the Event Calendar page. The news page also loads each year on demand so you don't have the take the hit of downloading old events unless you want to see what the club has done in the past
  3. Event Calendar Page
    A reverse list feature and a load on demand feature (see the entry above) have been added. In addition the user can view our events in a list (default), Year Calendar or Month Calendar view. The view type setting is remembered.
  4. Join Us! Page
    The Join Us page now has several tabs that take the place of the internal page in links on the old page. These are:
    • Membership Info
      This is the old page with the links removed
    • Top 10 reasons to join
      This displays the top ten reasons to join our club as collected from a poll of our members
    • Membership Form
      This displays the membership form PDF file.
    • Renewal Form
      This displays the renewal form PDF file.
    • Recruitment Flyer
      This displays the recruitment flyer PDF file.
    • Join Online
      This page is currently under construction, but will allow members to join and renew through our web site.

  5. Scholarship Page
    The Scholarship page now has several tabs that take the place of the internal page in links on the old page. These are:
    • Scholarship Info
      This tab is the old page with the links removed
    • Application Criteria
      This tab displays information necessary for students to apply for one of our Scholarships
    • Donations
      This tab displays information on how personal donations can be made to our scholarship fund.
    • Awardees
      This tab shows the information on the current and past scholarship winners.
  6. Board Page
    This page was the old Officers page. It now has two tabs.
    • Current Members
      This tab shows the original Officers page. It looks and operates pretty much the same. Except that by clicking on the names, an internal window opens to show the profile rather than generating a separate pop-up window.
    • Best Buckeye Award Criteria
      This tab show the criteria used to select Best Buckeye Award nominees
  7. Pictures Page
    Again this page still looks pretty much the same. With "on demand" loading, the user doesn't take as much of a download hit as before.
  8. Newsletters Page
    This page operates in about the same way as before except the newsletters should show up inside the page rather than opening a new window.
  9. OSU Songs Page
    This page operates in about the same way as before except the lyrics should show up inside the page rather than opening a new window. There have been a couple of additions as well. There is now a vocal version of Carmen Ohio and a Band Demo.
  10. Sponsors Page
    The Sponsors page now has two tabs that take the place of the internal links on the old page. These are:
    • Game Watch Sponsors
      This is the old page with the links removed
    • Golf Outing Sponsors
      This displays the logos of the sponsors of our annual golf outing and dinner. There are also links to sponsor web sites to make it easy to visit them.
  11. Blood Battle Page
    The Blood Battle page now has two tabs. These are:
    • Information
      This is the old page with the links removed
    • History
      This tab displays the historical data we have on our blood battle with the local Michigan Alumni club.
  12. Contact Us Page
    An online contact form has been added to this page to allow users to get hold of us from anywhere they have access to a web browser. No email client is required. The form requires ALL fields to be filled in. It also requires the user to read a security image and input a "secret" word. Admittedly the image can be hard to read at times, but the user can generate a new one by clicking on the image. This was done in an attempt to defeat hackers that would use the form to send spam. There are also internal filters to help block SPAM. We won't go into to those in an open forum though!
New Features 301 - New pages
  1. About Us Page
    • Who we are
      This tab provides a bit more information about club members and activities
    • History
      This shows our Charter and provides a bit of our club history
    • Constitution
      Our current club constitution
    • Policies
      Our current club policies.
    • Awards
      This tab shows club awards we have received over the years
    • Best Buckeye Award Criteria
      This tab shows the criteria we use to select our Club's Best Buckeye. The winner of this award is our nominee for the Alumni Association Best Buckeye Award.
  2. FAQ Page
    • Club FAQ
      Questions and answers about our club
    • Site FAQ
      Questions and answers about our web site and more
    • Update FAQ
      The document you are currently viewing
  3. Tickets Page
    In the past the club did not have a handy method for notifying the membership when tickets were available or wanted. This is a service for use at your own risk. Any information added is open to the world and the club can not be held responsible for any SPAM email or crank phones calls you might get.
    • Tickets For Sale
      This shows a list of entries from people who have tickets to sell.
    • Tickets Wanted
      This shows a list of entries from people seeking tickets.
    • Enter New Ad
      This brings up a form that allows individuals to enter a notice of whether they are selling or looking for tickets.

  4. E-mail List Page
    This page allows users to added or remove themselves from our email list. Each request is followed by a confirmation email to the address entered. This makes sure a person can't be added or removed without their approval.
New Features 401 - right side bar
There is now a right-side bar of extras for our users! Hopefully they will be useful. These will be detailed individually below. This extended area is only viewable at screen resolutions of 1024x768 or higher.
  1. Michigan Game Countdown
    This section is at the top of the extended area. It's just a fun thing and isn't necessarily accurate to the minute!

  2. Weather
    This section is immediately below the countdown timer. By default it displays a quick view of the weather in Cincinnati. That can be changed should you wish. Place the mouse over the area and click. A zip code change form will be displayed. Enter the 5 digit zip code for the area you wish to see the weather for. This setting is saved.
  3. Calendar of current month
    This section is immediately below the Weather. It is a calendar view of the current month. Club event days are outlined in red and board meetings are outlined in green. If you click on an event day, a window will display in the main section of the page, showing the first event of that day. To view previous or later events all you need to do is click on the respective arrows. To the right and left of the month name there are small arrows to allow the user to change the month currently displayed. This setting is not saved and will return to the current month on viewing the next page.

  4. Ohio State Alumni Association join link
    This is immediately to the right of the Weather. It provides a direct link to the membership page on the Ohio State Alumni Association site.
  5. Online Radio links
    This section is immediately below the Alumni Association join link and to the right of the Weather. It provides direct links to the streaming audio portions of several radio stations that carry Ohio State sports. They should be accessible anywhere you have a high speed Internet connection. These may or may not work with your media player and browser settings.
  6. OSU Links
    This section is immediately below the Online Radio links
    and to the right of the Current Month Calendar
    • Alumni Assoc
      This provides a link to the main Alumni Association page
    • OSU Athletics
      This provides a link to the Official OSU Athletics site
    • OSU
      This provides a link to the OSU main page
    • History
      This provides a link to a site with a lot more than just audio files of songs. It has their history as well as the history of other OSU related topics.
    • The Lantern
      This provides a link the The Lantern web site
    • Campus Cams
      This provides a direct link to the campus security page. On that page are pictures from several cameras around campus.
    • Coach Tressel
      This provides a link to Coach Tressel's web site.
      This provides a link the The OSU Marching band site.

  7. Alumni Club Links
    This section is a distillation of the Alumni Club and Society contact information from the Alumni site. There are four tabs to divide up the information into manageable groups.
    • Ohio - Clubs in Ohio
    • US - Clubs in the States but outside of Ohio
    • Internat'l - International clubs
    • Societies - Alumni Societies
    In each Club info box, the link at the top will take you to the Alumni Association page for the club. Name, address and phone information is then displayed if available. At the bottom there will be links to E-mail and/or web site if available.